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Tennis Court Resurfacing by Nevada Court Builders

Don’t let cracks, chips, or any other kind of damage ruin your tennis playing experience! Our company offers high-quality tennis court resurfacing services to ensure that you can play on your court for as long as possible. With a myriad of resurfacing options, we can leave your court exactly how you want! Not to mention, your tennis court will be looking better than ever!

Certified Experts

When you need a tennis court resurfaced, our team of experts is the most dependable there is! Each team member has been thoroughly vetted to ensure that you’re receiving the best quality services available. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to provide safe and reliable court resurfacing services for all of our customers. With over a decade of experience, you can rely on us to restore your tennis court quickly and efficiently.

How Often Should a Tennis Court be Resurfaced?

Several factors can attribute to how often a tennis court needs to be resurfaced. How frequently it’s played on, whether indoor or outdoor, and how well it’s been maintained, can all affect the resurfacing. If a tennis court is experiencing severe discoloration or has surface damage, it may need to be resurfaced sooner. On average, a tennis court should be resurfaced every four to eight years.

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Surface Options

For Tennis Court Resurfacing


Acrylic Coatings

One of the most durable resurfacing materials for a tennis court is an acrylic coating. This resurfacing choice can handle impacts, frequent wear and tear, and harsh weather conditions without becoming damaged. This coating will last for years before needing another resurfacing. Our team can recoat your tennis court with an acrylic coating to leave it looking brand new.

Conica Surfaces

Resurfacing your tennis court with a conica surface is another highly durable choice. This incredibly tough surface is the perfect choice for any tennis court, from parks and schools to professional courts. Frequent play and heavy usage will not be a problem for a court that’s been resurfaced with conica. If you’re looking for a resurfacing material that’s both affordable and durable, conica is the choice for you.
Currently, Sport Court Las Vegas serves residential communities and commercial properties, building tennis courts and multi-sport game courts in Las Vegas and their surrounding areas.

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    Types of Tennis Courts

    Wo provide a wide assortment of tennis court types!


    Australian Open / French Open

    Our clay courts are used for the French Open style of tennis courts. These courts are affordable and offer a fast installation time. In most cases, these clay courts are made from compressed brick, shale, or stone. Our plexicushion courts are used in the Australian Open style of tennis courts. This surface material creates a consistent bounce, enhances footing, and provides high durability. Plexicushion courts also have been known to lessen fatigue.

    U.S. Open / Wimbledon

    Grass tennis courts are what we use for the Wimbledon style courts. Despite grass courts not being used as often today, we can install them. This type of tennis court provides the quickest kind of play due to its low bounce capacity. Grass courts are more affected by the weather than our other types of courts. DecoTurf is the acrylic material we use for U.S. Open style tennis courts. DecoTurf acrylic coatings are known for making reliable and durable tennis courts.

    Who We Service

    We provide quality resurfacing services to both residential and commercial clients.



    If your backyard tennis court has begun showing damage, such as cracks, chips, and discoloration, we can help! Our team has more than a decade of experience resurfacing residential tennis courts in Nevada. We have the tools and equipment to handle any residential resurfacing project.



    From public courts and schools to professional tournament tennis courts, we can handle any commercial resurfacing project. Each team member at Nevada Court Builders has been extensively trained to handle the needs of a commercial tennis court resurfacing project. No matter the court, we can resurface it!

    Regular Maintenance

    For your resurfaced tennis court.


    Keep it Free of Debris

    Keep your newly resurfaced tennis court free of dirt, debris, leaves, and anything else that may build up. Use a soft-bristled broom to routinely sweep your court clean. If any debris is left on your court, damages could quickly follow. By allowing this grime to sit on your court, you could end up needing your court resurfaced again much sooner than it should.

    Create a Maintenance Schedule

    The easiest way to keep up with the maintenance of your newly resurfaced tennis court is to create a schedule. Set up your schedule to make time for daily sweeping and debris removal. You should also set aside a time at least twice a month to either wet mop or hose down your tennis court in the event it becomes soiled. If your court sees frequent use, you may need to increase the frequency of wet mopping.

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