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At Nevada Court Builders, we pride ourselves on our premium custom tennis court design and construction services. Our team can handle tennis court construction for homes and businesses alike across Nevada. We provide an assortment of surface options, including grass, clay, Decoturf, and Plexicushion. Our experienced team will work with you to choose the best surface for your home or facility! When you need a quality tennis court built, we’re the people to call.

Dedicated Professionals

Our company has been specializing in tennis court construction for years! We’ve designed and built hundreds of courts over the years and developed the skills to create the business’s highest quality courts. Our tennis courts will last your home or business for years! Our professionals will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your tennis court is built exactly as you see fit.

Complete Design and Installation

No matter what type of space your court will be installed in or what it will be used for, we can design a court for you. Our team has the expertise to design the perfect court for your home or business from start to finish. Whether you need a grass court or synthetic court, we can help!

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Tennis Court Construction Costs

Many factors determine the costs of building a tennis court for your home or business. The space you choose to have your court built, the options you choose, and the amount of dirt work needed all affect the cost of your tennis court. In general, most tennis court construction projects will cost around $85,000 from start to finish. Keeping a budget in mind to work with will allow us to better help you decide on the best options for your court.

Tennis Court Construction Timeframe

Most of the timeframe involved with a tennis court construction project is the concrete cure time. Once the slab for the court is poured, it will need approximately 30 days to cure before we can apply the surface material. The surfacing of the court itself typically takes roughly a week to complete. On average, the time needed to build and surface a tennis court is roughly 60 days.
Currently, Sport Court Las Vegas serves residential communities and commercial properties, building tennis courts and multi-sport game courts in Las Vegas and their surrounding areas.

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    Types of Tennis Courts

    We offer a variety of types of tennis courts for installation!


    Australian Open / French Open

    The French Open tennis court style is a clay court. The clay courts that we offer are budget-friendly and are quick to install. Typically, our clay courts are made from compressed shale, stone, or brick. The Australian Open tennis court style is a plexicushion court. This system combines the consistent bounce, sure footing, and incredible durability. These courts dynamically respond to body impact and can reduce fatigue among players.

    U.S. Open / Wimbledon

    Though Wimbledon style grass tennis courts aren’t as common today, we still offer them! Grass courts offer the fastest type of court because of its low bounce capacity. Keep in mind, these courts are more impacted by weather conditions than others. The U.S. Open style court is made with DecoTurf. These acrylic tennis courts are popular for their reliability and durability. This court surface is even popular among other sports, such as basketball and hockey.

    Who We Serve

    From residential to commercial clients, we can do it all!



    Whether you’re looking to have some backyard fun with friends and family or if you’re practicing for high-level competition, we can build a tennis court at your home. Each team member has been extensively trained on residential tennis court construction to provide the best service possible!



    Our team can build any commercial court you need from local parks and schools to professional tournament courts! With 15 years of experience, our team has the knowledge, tools, and equipment to build the highest-quality commercial court. When you need a tennis court installed for your business, we’re the company to call.

    Tennis Court

    Accessories and Maintenance


    Tennis Court Accessories

    Our company offers a wide array of tennis court accessories that can be installed during construction. We can include accessories such as benches, court lighting, scorekeepers, and rebounders. All of the accessories that we offer are available to make your tennis playing experience more comfortable and enjoyable. If you’re unsure what accessories could benefit your space, our team can work with you to choose the best accessories for your court.

    Tennis Court Maintenance

    The maintenance of your tennis court is completely dependant on the material that it’s made of. Grass courts require the most maintenance of any material. Grass courts require regular mowing to keep them smooth and ready for play. Water and fertilize the grass to keep it looking green and healthy. Acrylic courts require little maintenance, thanks to their durability. Simply keep the surface free of dirt and debris to keep it lasting as long as possible. Clay and cushioned courts require the same maintenance routine as acrylic. However, these courts require more frequent attention.

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