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Not much is worse than merely trying to play a game of basketball with a group, and the ball shoots off in an unexpected direction after it hit a crack. Now the ball’s out of bounds, and it’s turned over to the other team. Aside from damaging your ego, a cracked and unlevel court can increase the risk of sports injuries as well. When you’re playing a sport that injuries like sprained ankles are already likely, a smooth, level court is a top priority.

Professional Court Resurfacing Services

For all your indoor or outdoor basketball court resurfacing needs, Nevada Court Builders is your local expert! Our team specializes in state-of-the-art resurfacing techniques and only works with the highest quality materials. Our goal is to give you a basketball court that not only looks gorgeous but also plays like a professional-level court. We can help you choose the best options to restore your court based on its age, condition, and existing surface that also fits your budget!

How Often Should a Basketball Court Be Resurfaced?

In most cases, a basketball court should be resurfaced around every 5 years. However, this depends on how much the court is used. For example, public courts may need resurfacing as much as ever 2 years, while a backyard basketball court might last a decade before needing resurfacing. The surface material plays a role in the frequency of resurfacing as well, as some courts are more durable than others.

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Surface Options

For Basketball Court Resurfacing


Acrylic and Urethane Coatings

One of the most highly recommended surfaces for basketball courts is acrylic. This surface option is a durable coating that can withstand frequent wear and tear and even the harshest weather conditions. Our company offers acrylic resurfacing options from various manufacturers to ensure that you can find the best choice for your space. Urethane and latex systems are also highly durable surface materials. These coatings can be expected to last for years without showing signs of wear and tear.

Conica Surfaces

Another excellent choice for basketball resurfacing is a conica surface. This extremely durable surface is an incredible value for the price. It makes for the perfect choice for public and school basketball courts that will see a large amount of use. Everyday play should never be an issue for a court resurfaced with conica for years to come!
Currently, Sport Court Las Vegas serves residential communities and commercial properties, building tennis courts and multi-sport game courts in Las Vegas and their surrounding areas.

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    A backyard basketball court is a perfect way to provide endless hours of at-home entertainment for the whole family. However, when your backyard court starts to show it’s age, play can be more difficult, and injuries may occur. That’s why our team is happy to provide service to homeowners across Nevada!



    No matter if it’s a basketball court at the fitness center, an outdoor court at a town park, or even a professional-level court in an arena, we can resurface it! Our team has the skills and expertise to provide quality court resurfacing to ensure that your commercial basketball court operates at the highest level.

    Maintaining Your Basketball Court

    After having it resurfaced by our team.


    Remove Dirt and Debris

    Keep your newly resurfaced basketball court clean by sweeping or blowing any dirt, leaves, or other debris from its surface. If mildew or other stains start to show, you can use a mild bleach solution and a soft-bristled broom to remove them. Be sure to go mop your court with clean water afterward to prevent the bleach from harming the court. If any debris is left to sit on the court, it could cause premature damage to your new surface.

    Net Posts and Net Care

    Be sure to keep the net posts clean as much as possible. If any rust forms on the posts, you can remove it with a wire brush and touch up the spot with a rust preventative paint. When the basketball court is not in use, remember to loosen the tension on the nets. This will prevent any damage to the net, net posts, and net post foundations. If you notice mildew growing on the net or center strap, it can be removed with a mild bleach solution.

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